We support struggling models to save them from Casting Couches

Every day we come across stories where casting couches of Mumbai get exposed. Irrespective of gender, most of the struggling models and actors face a situation where they are asked to “compromise” for a gig. So much so, some photographers are also asking for “favors” to provide model portfolios in Mumbai. But there is a ray of hope. Well, known celebrity fashion photographers in Mumbai of FabGlam have come forward to help struggling actors and models to save them from the casting couches.

When we talked to a few models that got gigs via FabGlam Studios, it became clearer how everything works in the backstage and why they loved working with FabGlam. Supriya Mathur (Changed name) shared her experience with one of the top fashion photographers in Mumbai, who called her for a product shoot. She explained how she tried to take advantage of the situation, and she had to run from his studio literally. She was almost ready to leave the city and go back to her hometown when she received a call from FabGlam about a gig.

She got her model portfolio from FabGlam. Though it was never promised to her that she would get work from the studio as well, FabGlam kept her photos and details in their database to find work for her. It took them only three months to find high-profile and high-paying projects that, too, without any “favors.” Being one of the leading fashion photographers in India, FabGlam has maintained a reputation of being one of the most ethical groups in the industry.


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Some of the top shots are as below:

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