UK Model Daisy Barnett - Fabulous shoot with Fabglam Photographer Mumbai

High fashion model portfolios are always a delight to watch. They not only give a hint about the latest trends in the market but also provide a glimpse of the beauty that beholds in front as well as in the back of the camera. Recently, FabGlam Studios did a fantastic shoot with Daisy Barnett, who hails from London, UK. The shoot comprised of contemporary and modern dresses designed exclusively for the shoot.

While talking to Daisy Barnet, she described her experience of working with FabGlam photographer. She was happy with the results and added that she would definitely like to work with FabGlam again. FabGlam is one of the leading celebrity fashion photographers in Mumbai. He has worked extensively with many models, actors and Page-3 celebrities.

Being one of the top fashion photographers in Mumbai, Fabglam is often considered to be one of the leading trendsetters in fashion photography. FabGlam fans often check out the website along with their social media pages to get the updates. A few photographs from the shoot is uploaded here.

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