The jaw-dropping high-fashion shoot with Ankita dave

Known for her beautiful smile and active social media accounts, Ankita Dave is one of the top rising models and actresses in B-Town. She has appeared in many music videos and often posts photos with celebrities on her Instagram. Recently, she has an amazing high-fashion shoot with FabGlam Studios in Mumbai.

While sharing details about the shoot, Ankita wholeheartedly praised the team behind FabGlam. She added to her statement that she had done many shoots with fashion photographers in Mumbai and across the country, but the comfort she felt while working with FabGlam is hard to find. FabGlam is best known for model portfolios and video folios. Considered as one of the best celebrity fashion photographers in Mumbai, FabGlam ( ) has established his name in the industry as a trendsetter.

Ankita and FabGlam have collaborated before for shoots as well. The recent shoot was based on modern and contemporary themes. FabGlam mentioned that Ankita is a fun-loving but highly professional model. The whole shoot only took a day to complete and everyone is waiting for the final high fashion images. FabGlam, being one of the top fashion photographers in India, has worked extensively with numerous models and actors in the past.

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