E-commerce and importance of product photography

In today’s time, every business wants to gain customers from e-commerce websites. Amid COVID-19 spread, most of the businesses are deciding either to shift to their e-commerce websites or join already existing platforms like Amazon or Flipkart. No matter what you sell and what kind of services you deal in, presentation holds the utmost importance. It is next to impossible to get clients if the presentation of products and services is not soothing to the eyes. FabGlam Studios is one of the leading product photographers in India. They are providing high-quality images to businesses that are shifting to online platforms due to coronavirus pandemic.

Photographers at FabGlam are among the top fashion photographers in India. They know how different situations need creative solutions. Understanding the situation, the team of FabGlam is keeping a check on social distancing as well. The meetings with the clients are happening via applications like Zoom and Skype. The artists, models, and photographers take additional precautions while completing the work. Interestingly, everyone is running smoothly because FabGlam has already maintained a reputation for being punctual and straight-to-the-point professionals.

Mr. Chinmay Garg, who is one of the leading jewelers in Mumbai city, approached FabGlam to get some product shoot done. In just four days, the preproduction of the project was completed by the FabGlam team, and high-quality photographs were delivered to Mr. Garg using a cloud server. Even for picking and dropping the products, FabGlam has tied up with local courier service so that the client does not need to come to the location. Working as one of the leading celebrity fashion photographers in Mumbai gave FabGlam team the experience and resources they needed to provide the best services to clients in every industry. Visit their website to find more about their work.



Check out some of our Jewellery shoots as below

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