A guide on surviving the economic slowdown as a fashion photographer in Mumbai

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

FabGlam Studios is one of the pioneers in fashion photography in Mumbai. They have become a household name in the industry, and they are considered as the top celebrity fashion photographers in Mumbai. In the last one month, FabGlam team has received calls from models as well as budding fashion photographers from across India sharing the problems they are facing in finding work and earning bread and butter. While FabGlam is helping models and actors to find work that they can do during this period, they have shared their views on the struggle faced by photographers too.

One of the founding members of FabGlam Studios said that budding fashion photographers should scroll through their old photographs and start posting them on different platforms to gain the attention of the customers. Also, it is a good time to hone their photography skills. According to FabGlam, no one can say that they know everything about photography. Trends change every day in the fashion industry, and you have to learn new techniques you want to survive. Being in lockdown, it is a good time to revise everything you know and learn new skills.

Budding photographs should also think about collaborating with struggling actors and models to build a common ground so that they can help each other in finding work. FabGlam has also opened its doors for such collaborations and acting as a mentor for many actors, models, and photographers. Mumbai is facing an economic slowdown, and it is the responsibility of industry leaders like FabGlam to support those who are the future of this industry.



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