Hair styling is an art. And so is hair style photography!

Have you ever thought why the hair of the models in photographs for hair products and salons look so perfect? It is not just about the hairstylists. The hair photographers play a very important role in making them look good in the pictures while making sure the images do not mislead the people. In the last few years, product photography has become an essential investment for the business that deals with beauty and hair care products. FabGlam Studios is one of the leading product photography service providers in Mumbai. Our team of product photographers has worked with more than 1000 brands in the industry.


We have worked with numerous brands and salons in the past few years, our quality of the work talks in length about the experience. Being one of the top fashion photographers, we have explored endless possibilities in product photography as well. We have worked as celebrity fashion photographers in Mumbai with some of the leading names in the industry. So much so, our work has become a benchmark for other photographers.


For us, hair photography has its charm. It requires dedication from the hair artist as well as the photographer. Together as a team, we provide the best results. We make sure that follow the latest trends in the market so that you get the finest results.