FabGlam – Your partner for all fashion photography needs

In the last few years, the fashion industry has changed exponentially. The trends shifted their course quickly, and what was popular just a couple of years ago in terms of promotions and fashion photography, it has changed as well for good. For a fashion photographer in Mumbai, it is essential to keep the services in sync with the latest trends so that the customer gets maximum exposure. We at FabGlam studios understand how important it is to maintain the spark in our services. We keep updating the skills as well as the equipment to provide the highest quality.


Since we started our journey as a fashion photographer in India, our main aim always revolved around maintaining the highest standards. So much so top fashion photographers across the country consider our work as the benchmark for the latest trends. We have worked with a lot of models, and our expertise in Model portfolios in Mumbai is unmatchable. Photographers of our team have worked closely with the top celebrities in the B-town, and we are often considered as the top celebrity fashion photographers in Mumbai.


Our association with experts in different fields will help you in getting all the services under one roof. When you hire us as the fashion photographer, you will get all the services such as makeup, dresses, set design etc. under one roof. Our team also has expertise in product photography. In fact, our lead photographers are known as the top product photographers in Mumbai.